Facebook Ads to Instagram

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Not sure if this is the correct forum but I searched Facebook Ads and have NO idea where to post this. I am getting CRAZY amounts of likes for my ad in Instagram. I have a "Shop Now" button that links user to my website to buy. But I am not getting any buys!  Does anyone know if you can add hashtags to your ad that you create in Facebook Ads so that more users in Instagram can see the ad? Just wondering with all of these likes (I mean 20 likes per every hour) how I can get these "likes" to BUY!

Also when I go to my Shopify home page to see if I have sales and to see what items were the most popular, the item that is getting the most views does NOT show up....Are my views and likes in Instagram communicating with my Shopify metrics page?

(If this is not the correct forum, I apologize....I have searched everywhere to see how I can convert the likes to buys...perhaps this item is just enough to like but not buy? I am offering 25% off on the item and it is priced low for the item). Thanks.