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I have been running facebook ads for more than a month. I have spent $200 but still got no sales. 

Campaign stats:

 Budget is $10.

Traffic Reach is 2000 people. 

CPC: $0.5

Location: USA

I have run many campiagns like these but no results with sales. Is my campaigns optimized considering the budgets & reach. What do you think about the CPC? 




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Try adding re-marketing to sales funnel, products are bit expensive for first timers to buy.

It will increase conversion rate.

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I don't find the site trustworthy at all.

You seem to be implying that you design and make these bags in your About section yet there are many online shops selling the same bags with the same pictures for less money.

The Returns policy says return to Ontaria, Canada with no street address or PO box.

The Blog is just a collection of descriptions of cities. Nothing to do with the bags at all.

Email contact addresses are gmail ones rather than being addresses for the domain.

If I was in the market for a bag there is no way I would buy from that site.

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The website is a mess.

- On the first page shouldn't be a huge image and a button that says "Shop"... this is THE shop.

- Proportions for user orientation - All of your sections are identical by size, no visual delimitation

- Discounts are way too big and break the trust of a real offer/deal.

- Product page is destroyed by the huge pictures, looks cheap

- Reviews are fake straight from the bat ;)

- Your logo... well, is not a logo, is a text.

Also try another approach when it comes to FB Ads, at $200 spent and no sales, you must be targeting the wrong audience.

Be honest with yourself, would you buy from your store? I wouldn't. Not because of the products (they are right), but because the lack of trust that the brand/website generates.

As an advice, consider redesigning your website.



L.E. Google research after your competitors (small/medium companies in your niche - bag manufacturers/distributors/resellers/small independent shops, etc.) make a (big) list, and see if you can target them (by interest) with FB Ads. This would be a start...

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thanks for the feedback.

How can i build trust for my website?

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Instal the 'free hektor trust badge ' app ; then get social proofs (reviews on products and alot of followers on your social networks business pages). Also, a customized checkout can seems more trustful.

Hope that helps mate


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