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So I am trying to target a certain FB page that is in my nitch but FB is not letting me when I search for the page in Interests. The page I wish to target has a good following of just about 50,000 likes so It isn't a small page. What can I do to target this page even though it isn't coming up when I search for it when building an ad?

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Hi Colton,

Facebook will not let you target the members of a page you do are not the admin of. Here is what you can do:

  1. Taking the page as a reference point, create a highly layered audience.
  2. Or strike a partnership with the the page's admin, wherein they promote you and get paid for the traffic they drive to you; or they may ask for lumpsum pay.

But want to let you know - You just cannot target someone else's page via ads. 

Note - I can't see links to social channels on your home page. I suggest you add them, so you can start building your own base on social media. You can target friends of people who are your followers/fans later with interests like - shirts, demin etc and age, and gender.

- Karan

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