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I've been having issues with Facebook catalog for the longest time. It now says that 'content IDs missing from your catalog'. It says that 4.7% of views are available for retargeted ads but 95.3% are not. Does anyone know how to fix this? Do I have to go into each product and a content ID such as a sku? My products on shopify do have SKUs. Do I need to delete the catalog and redo it?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Buceplant,


Are you using an app to create your feed or are you manually uploading the products to Facebook one by one? If you are doing it manually it means that the product Ids from your product catalog do not match the product Ids that the Facebook pixel is seeing on your website so it could be 1 of 2 issues here:


1. Either you have created your product feed with the wrong product Ids

2. Installed the pixel incorrectly


If you are using an app then it might be an issue with how the app creates your Facebook catalog feed

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Hi there, I have the same problem but only with some products. How can I check which is which? I'm using Facebook Product Feed (by Flexify) to upload all products.


Does it mean I need to fix the pixel? Can I somehow change the ID in the catalog to match?


Thank you for your help.


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I am having the same issue. I uploaded manually, making the content IDs the same as the ones I saw in Shopify (the string of numbers at the end of a product URL in the backend). Pixel is working correctly. So I have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it. 


The solution depends on what you are using for the Facebook Feed. If you're using Flexify, check the box "Format feed for the native shopify pixel setting". This will match up the content_ids variable in the pixel with the product ids in the feed. This is so in remarketing, people get shown the right products that they viewed.

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I'm not using any feed. I think maybe I need to add metatags?


You need some kind of software on the shopify end to build your catalog.  Flexify is the goto.  Lack of matching could mean that when FB is trying to retarget, the product in question is not part of the catalog.  Or could be out of stock if that is your setting.


If you manually created your catalog, make sure all your products are in the FB catalog.

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Bro I am having the same issue that you are having. It's just with my Add to Carts and it says that I am missing content ids for my pixel.


How do I fix this I been dealing with this for like 3 days? Also do you have an email so I can reach out to you faster.


I am trying to get over this

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I don't see this option


I will help you and other sellers with this situation to figure it out:

1. If you manually entered your products into the catalog with pens, let them remain so, just make sure that utm tags are configured in the product links so that you can distinguish this advertising campaign from others in Google Analytics.

2. The product Id you need in order to: either start remarketing or in order to look for similar people to those who buy a particular product.

3. Create a new cataddle and sync it with Shopify.

4. To ensure that your product Id always match, use for synchronization the Feed-product service for Shopify. It will asynchronously update products from your store and the Facebook Ads or Facebook Shopping catalog and soon the Facebook Marketplace. That is, if you change the product or the price of a product in your Shopify store, set a discount on the product or the product will not be available or other changes, the Feed-product will update everything for you and you won’t waste time, or what’s more important, for example , money for advertising goods that are sold.

5. Regarding the incorrect pixel settings on Facebook, the steps here describe how it should be:



If you have additional questions, please contact us, we will help you with joy).


Good luck with your advertising campaigns)!


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