Facebook Pixel - FREE + SHIPPING, how to make Pixel include product PLUS shipping as total price?! And tips for HTML changes to be made to make this happen...

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Hi Everyone,

I am brand new to shopify (but not entirely to ecom) and have been searching high and low for quality information all together in one thread relating to the facebook pixel and the free plus shipping sales model.

What I would love to do, is use this thread to collate all your collective wisdom here in the forums on this topic, in one place.

So can you all PLEASE help me once and for all (and subsequently every other free + shipping seller) to get clear directions together on the following:

1. How to make the Facebook pixel include BOTH the product price and the shipping amount as the TOTAL sale data.

2. How and where exactly to install the approipriate HTML to make it work on our shopify stores! (so that all usual data is collected as well as this total sale value as described above.

If anyone is as helpful to upload screenshots or pics to help clarity of information that would be superb too!

Heres hoping we can turn this thread into a powerful piece of reference material for all of us! :)