Facebook Product Catalog Pixel Error

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Pixel is not set up right for dynamic product ads.  Issues and what I tried to do to fix it.  :/

I generally use Shopify's FB & GA integration within the Online Store > Preferences instead of having to manually set all the events.  It is showing that the pixel is good for general events but it is not on product pages.  This is what I see:

Pixel set up properly in Business Manger > Pixels

Inline image 1


Inline image 2


Pixel not set up properly in Business Manger > Product Catalog > Diagnostic 


Inline image 3

So I removed GTM & the code from the Shopify Integration and added the basic code to the liquid.theme

Now I will need to go back in and set up every event for basic pixel and then modify the FB pixel on key lower-funnel pages. Link with instructions.  


Inline image 7

Does this make sense?  HELP! ha I have 5 clients that are having the same issue.