Facebook ads (Website Conversion Add To Cart pixels) retargeting

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I'm new to Shopify and haven't started a store yet. Let's say I have 2 niche of products (fishing and clothing) in my Shopify store, then say I intend to use the Website Conversion Add To Cart pixels (under Facebook Ads) to retarget those people that have things in the cart but haven't purchased yet, how do I create the Facebook Ad (using WC Add To Cart pixels) of a fishing product to retarget the people who have fishing products in the cart as there might be also people who have clothing products in the cart, as I do not want to show my fishing product Facebook Ad to people who are interested in clothing product? I'm not sure if there's any way to resolve this or I need to have 2 Shopify stores, one for each niche. But doing it this way would incur extra cost. Pls give me your advise. Thanks

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