Facebook ads pay per conversion?

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Hello everyone,

I have lately been looking at all the different pixels to use with Facebook for ads, I know they are all to gain data. But I have seen some topics around the internet on "pay per conversion/purchase" ads, I am not sure. But I was wondering if any of you know whether or not it is possible to use the Facebook conversion pixel, to actually make Facebook ads where you only per for every conversion made on your site. In my case that conversion would be a purchase of a product.

Any help as to whether or not this is real and to how, is much appreciated.

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Hi Fred,

Thanks for posting on the forums!

Here is a recent blog post from a merchant going through their experience with facebook ads which you might find useful!

This Facebook doc might be useful to help you understand how their pixels work and what they do and don't do here as well. They do seem to operate on a pay per click basis which you can read about here as well!

I hope this helps!

Anne :)