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Hi guys. I want start to buy facebook ads, and I have a questions. Can you see my web site and what is possible audience and interest to target? And work weel Cpc or cpm? 

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Hi there,

When you set up your store, what was the target market you imagined would buy from your store? The Shopify blog has some good tips on how to think about that: https://www.shopify.com/blog/15275657-how-to-build-buyer-personas-for-better-marketing

The beginning of any company is the time where you need to first validate if there's even a market for your product.

It's true that almost everyone buys t-shirt, but who specifically will buy YOUR t-shirts? What is it about them that will appeal to a specific target market?

To figure that out there's no substitute for getting out there and hustling about. Make a list of all possible target markets, which could be: "Affluent teenares olds that are into a particular brand" or "Adult gamers in the US" or "Middle class moms of teenagers", "20-30 olds with Peter Pan complex". Make a list of 10, 15 plausible target markets that could be relevant. Be specific. Then brainstorm ways to reach them. 

As an example, this is what I'm doing here on the Shopify forum. I want to promote my blog posts, but growing traffic from zero isn't easy. I could just start dumping money on advertising, but it's much more worthwhile (even though it's a lot more work) to come here and be helpful to the people like yourself, which I identified to be in my target market. 

If you want to learn more about the stages that every company needs to go through before they become successful, have a read at this post I wrote about it: https://blog.aftership.com/3-steps-to-start-using-data-to-grow-sales/

I hope you like it!

Ramon Bez
Content Marketing & Growth at Compass.co
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Ramon Bez Content Marketing & Growth at Compass.co Compass The #1 Reporting App in Shopify https://apps.shopify.com/compass

Hi StreetDress!:

Just checked your website, and i really liked it! The audience you should target is: Girls between 15-32 years old, they may have in common a strong confidence, sympathy for the feminist cause...

By the way, if you are also interested on running Google Adwords, we can do it for you! We will set up and run your Adwords campaigns, create customized banners for you, give you support on Adwords questions... All this for free!

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If you are interested, keep contacting me!

Best regards

Rodrigo Munoz

Marketing Department of Clever Ecommerce.

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Hi there!

We recently did a blog post on a step-by-step guide on Facebook ads. I highly recommend you take a look. Hope it helps!

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Hi Dara,

Just took a look at your page - very cleverly done. The branding is almost perfect and I can definitely see an F15-22 audience purchasing from you! 

Reaching this audience is always tricky, as FB usage has declined over the past couple years and there has been a large increase in IG + Snapchat. Snapchat advertising is near impossible at this point, with a $50k/day minimum spend. However, I believe that you still have many options, stemming from instagram Carousal Ads all the way to YouTube Trueview.. It's all in how you target!

I have worked with clients in this space before, and it is a tough audience to break into and have any sort of impact. But, with my experience, comes insights.. and with insights, conversions follow!

Feel free to reach out to me at UriWeinber@Gmail.com if you would like to discuss tips/pointers on how to reach this audience in an effective manner.

Looking forward to hearing from you,