Facebook marketing for apparel small business

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Hello. I started my business about 2 weeks ago, now I run Facebook ads (four days - 1300 reach, 83 visits on site - is it a good result?) My question is - do I need to make video ad? Maybe should I keep my carousel ad to the end of the month and see then? p.s. I still got no sales. My website is active for 4 days. When most likely will my first sale occur?
Thanks in advance.
My website: mad-monk.com

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1) 1300 reach and 83 visits isn't bad at all. That being said, what's important is how many people buy. ^^

2) I don't think you need to make a video ad. At least not yet. You should showcase your collection on instagram, use it to your full advantage. It's probably the best platform for you at the moment ^^. However, your website is hard to find, I would suggest some SEO optimization 

3) As for the Carousel, I would suggest testing removing it for a week and seeing if any major changes. 

4) As for your first sale? It all depends on how much attention you can get. You're on Facebook, don't be shy about asking your friends if they want to buy your products and endorse you. The best promotion you can get is by someone that has faith in you. On instagram use relevant hashtags to get attention and use that attention to promote discounts, products and such. 


If you need a hand or more help, let me know.

You can email me here: nicolas@sposea.com

Cheers, Nick


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I would have to agree with Nick. There's no need to create a video ad. You can, however, create video content for social media platforms like Instagram,! 

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Hey Mad Monk,

I have to disagree with Nick - the impression and visitor numbers are pretty low for the amount of days you've been running ads for. Across multiple stores I'ved worked with, about 2-5% of the visitors we have end up purchasing your products. And that's if they are aligned with your brand.

Given that your store is so new, this number is probably closer to 1%. That's .83 sales at the volume you're getting - which is small. You need to etiher:

a. increase your audience to 800k to 2 million people

b. increase your budget

Hope this helps you out!

Luis Morales - luis@luisemorales.com


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You should index your website with search engines so it will show up higher in search results. You can do this for free here --> http://www.entireweb.com/free_submission/#613063.

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Even though this isnt asking for feedback I think one thing you should do is break your menu up some.  Make shoes, outerwear and swimwear its own.  On 1st glance it looks like something is missing.  And for your homepage try featured collections and add a section for like popular items or something if your want to showcase a few products.  That way people are forced to navigate through your store.  Helps your stats.  Plus will give the feel of a bigger store.  If I were a shopper I would assume that you are a small store and probably wouldnt purchase.  Other than those small things I think your store and products and prices are great!

also, FB is one of those places that can be tricky.  I build my traffic and do retargeting through google and have had success with that.  But i also retarget through FB and IG and def have been getting good results.  But im constantly running retargeting ads and building my social networks so I think that helps reinforce my brand.  Also, try to link up with IG influencers.  They constantly flood my DM with promo offers and whoever has the most engaged audience is the ones I use.  Im pretty sure they find me by the hashtags I use which are related to fashion.