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Hi all, 

New here. I am trying to install the facebook pixel on my site but it isnt working and i cant find any information on whay it wont be. 

I went -> setting -> Online store -> Facebook pixel and pasted in the digits and saved. 

I checked on facebook and the pixel is active but using the Facebook pixel helper on chrome it isnt working. Also when i try to create an ad on Facebook it tells me the pixel isnt opertaing. 

I've searched through these forums, the help guides on here and on facebook help but i cant see why it isnt. Could using adblocker on chrome have anything to do with it? I tried turning it off and on. 

Thanks for any help. 

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Hi Kelly,

I'm sorry to hear you can't find the problem and the right solution.
If the form in the back-end of Shopify doesn't work, you can always go to Online Store > Themes > Edit HTML & CSS on certai theme you are using. Copy & Paste the code at the bottom of theme.liquid file.

So that would be:

<!-- FB PIXEL -->

It does the same.


Good luck!! :)

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Did you per chance happen to work out how to sort this out? I think im having the same issue and any advice would be appreciated.