Facebook tracks a sale which didn't happen

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Hi community,

according to my facebook admanger, we just received a sale for a specific product. Unfortunately, the order won't show up in our Shopify backend, even though it's marked as a sale on facebook.

Can anyone help me out with that one? Tracking should be fine. 

Thanks in advance.


Go to Events Manager in Facebook, look at the purchase event, and export the CSV file. That will tell you where the event fired.

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as suggested below, check when the checkout event fires. Plus, here is some more information about the metrics on Facebook.

Facebook's default attribution settings is 1-day view and 28-days after click. This basically means that if a Facebook user clicks on an ad today, go to your website, see a product and then leave AND let's say, after 10 days this user comes back directly to your website and makes a purchase on your website, Facebook will attributes this purchase to the ad, which the user clicked on 10 days ago. So, in the end, a purchase will show up in you Ads Manager reports. However, if you use another analytics (e.g. Google), you will see that the purchase has been attributed to direct source. 

It might be also the reason why you don't see the purchase for the specific day via Facebook channel.

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