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Hello All,

I usually have decent organic Facebook traffic. I share a blog, recipe, or other content every day and promote it mainly via Facebook.  Over the past few months, my impressions and views have plummeted dramatically.  I really don't think the content itself is the problem, as similar items have done really well in the recent past.  

We are a start up, and I have a limited budget for paid promotion.  Any suggestions?


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Hi Philip,

The key with Facebook is to break the stats down to their individual components and understand why they are as they are. 



- Impressions and reach:

Are you paying to boost your posts or are you relying on the organic reach?

For organic reach, what % of your audience are you reaching organically? Many pages only reach 5% or lower of their audience because the content they are posting isn't being engaged with (clicks, likes, comments) by theist followers. 


What are your engagement rates? This will give you an indication as to how interested your audience is in the content. There is usually a direct correlation beteeen the engagement rate and amount of organic reach. 

So what you need to look at is are you not getting traffic because you aren't getting the reach, your click through rate is low or both. 



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