Facebook, uneven budget/traffic distribution on creatives

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I have a campaign with a $50 budget set. I have 5 ad sets, each with a difference audience variable. I then have different 4 creatives in each ad set. So in total have the same 4 ads appearing 5 times. 


When I look at the creative report I see this:


Creative 1 = 42,712 impressions, 381 clicks, 1.28% CTR

Creative 2 = 107,082 impressions, 884 clicks, 0.92% CTR

Creative 3 = 15,824 impressions, 104 clicks, 0.88% CTR

Creative 4 = 667 impressions, 10 clicks, 1.95% CTR


My questions is, why is creative 4 getting so little traffic? yet it has the best CTR. I Feel like it's impossible to judge how well this creative(4) is doing because it's been allocated such a tiny percentage of traffic and share of the budget. Why does FB do this? 

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It has to do with the audience sizes. Facebook distributes the ad budget taking this into consideration and it even warns you before publishing a campaign. 


Not sure how all the other metrics look like, but the CTR seems to be on a lower end. I mean I would cut anything under 2% as a rule of thumb.