Feedback on FB Ads audience targetting method?

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Hi there,

I'm looking for some guidance on how I'm targetting FB audiences, in order to find my 'winning' audience and scale up. I'll just introduce briefly what it is I'm doing, and then I'll get into it.

Basically, as the niche for my new ecommerce store I've chosen 'popular animals' - this allows me to focus in on individual animals and choose from a range of products. Ie. Turtle jewellery, dog/cat themed cushions, dolphin wood carved phone cases, etc, etc - you get the idea. Essentially, this means that when targetting, I can hone in on people who are specifically interested in said animal, and whatever kind of product I'm pushing.

The main way I intend to drive sales is through FB/instagram paid conversion ads, so I need to get my targetting right - and because I'm on a faily limited budget, as per being 16 years old, I want to minimalise the amount of tests I have to carry out, before I find that 'winning' audience, and scale up.

So, from some of my research, I found that animal themed jewellery ads on FB performed particularly well, with some inidividual ads commanding in excess of 10K likes/reactions, 207 comments and 1.2K shares. Therefore, there is clearly a market for this and this is thus what I intend to start off with.

Now, I want to first drive paid traffic to, and later scale up a turtle themed necklace/pendant, similar to those that do well, but nowhere near the same of course. To test the product, I've come up with the following forumla for FB ads, to find the winning audience. My main concern is that I'm not targeting my interests properly, so I was wondering if anybody who has successfuly tested FB ads and scaled up, could very kindly lend me some feedback on my audience targeting. 

In short, 3 ad sets (all the same ad, but different audiences), $5/day for 7 days. Those that provide a return on investment, get scaled up - those that don't, get cut.

Here's the example of the turtle necklace method of targeting I describe:

And the product I want to advertise:

Anyway, I'm totally paranoid I'm not going about the right way of finding profitable audiences, and I don't want to waste hundreds to find the wininng audience, when someone who has experience, could perhaps point me in the right direction of targetting, so I could potentially save some money in this testing phase of FB ads.
So, yeah - if anybody is feeling as so generous to lend me some advice on targetting or my niche, I'd deeply appreciate it. If you want, feel free to reach out to me via

All the best,

Note that I haven't built the store yet, as I'm still gathering research - however, I've built tens of sites before, and they're always well optimised and appealing.