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Hi all! I made a landing page designed to try and collect email addresses for fans of Tame Impala. In return for an email address the customer would get a custom Spotify playlist along with a discount. Thoughts?


Hi Zach,

Love the consistent use of a color for core call-to-actions. Have an option to close the opt-in form section with a cookie to remember the user's action. I'd also move the optin form into the dashed box and highlight the discount text code someway so it stands out. "Subscribe" button text can also be improved to something like "Get My 10% Coupon Code" or "Get The Awesome Playlist".

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Hi Zach, 

Great idea to capture emails! Have you tried A/B testing? It's super easy to do with Google Analytics. That way you can see what your audience thinks of the page. You can test different copy, colors, discounts, etc. to really maximize your offer. 

Here's a guide to A/B testing using Google Analytics:

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Great, I would feature the top banner as a color block to make it stand out more. Also make sure to proof-read it again - I believe there should be 'and' not 'anad' :)

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