First few weeks after launch...

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Hi everyone

I've recently launched an online clothing shop and even with having a decent amount of marketing experience I'm finding this is going to be a very long game business.

We've had a couple of sales but really still testing out which audience is responding best before scaling any sort of advertising up.

Potential customers are landing on the site but not really converting well and we aren't capturing hardly any leads at all.




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Hello Leon! 

Kassey here from the Shopify Guru Team! We have quite a few resources from our Shopify blog page that can help you when driving traffic to your new store! 
I would recommend checking out:

Be sure to check out our guides on conversion as well! Check them out here!

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to reach out to Shopify support!

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Very cool looking store and products!  As you have learned (and as we have seen in working with Shopify stores), launching a clothing line and fashion brand is not easy.  It sounds like you are doing the right things in terms of ad testing.  Audience and keyword research are key.

You may want to install PollCart (a Shopify plugin), which helps capture sales from undecided customers and lets your customers spread the word about your store and products.  This type of organic viral marketing and community building may be perfect for your store since you seem to be going after a community more than random individuals. You can learn about it here (

I hope this helps.  Let me know if there is anything further I can help with.


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After a very initial first look, I'd say more products and landline contact phone number.

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Hey Leon,

The community would be able to better assist you, if you had specific asks that they can respond to. Sounds like you’re looking for traffic, and how to better convert. You may want to check out these free apps to start:

Free Ads Exchange -

Free Trust Seals with Reviews Generation -

Free Conversion Checkout Timer -

Again, you should clarify what your asks are.



Utilize Trust Seals with Reviews Generation to increase your sales conversions -
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Remove vertical space and that black text in the middle of the screen.

First thing that customer is landing on should be actionable, they shouldnt scroll down. 

Your top 30% of the height of the website has to be where all the action is happening.

seo is lacking, you need to add a ton more information. Soho Black Clothing doesnt cut it.

Photos on the homepage must be without faces I feel. Just straight up images of the design, instead of images of the models in tshirts. But thats my preference.

I would scrap that footer and place it at the bottom of a product page only.


Google Analytics Funnels
Setup conversion funnels for your "Successful" purchase and see where the clients are leaving.

Your most left page will be Product page(80%), but besides that, which page is having issues?

Hotjar / Fullstory
get a free account and figure out where clients are looking and not converting


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Firstly, it's a great site and you've got most things in.

Here's some free hits before you spend money:

- Get on google maps, allow visitors and collections or you wont be on the map. Edit the listing for your keywords and add content to it.

- Sell the hats 'easy to post' on ebay and include a voucher for t-shirts. Upsell.

- Pricesearcher is a growing site that you can link to shopify and they will advertise your items for free (UK based site, like you).

- Apply for the vouchers from google ads, twitter, bing and facebook, they can be found with some searching and can give you at least £150 to play with for free (across those sites).

- Get listed on dmoz so your site gets a boost on google.

- get endorsements or ask mates if they know any celebs that want a free t-shirt then take picture and social share it.

- dont be afraid to ask friends and family to spread word. Ask staff to share page with their mates. Most will for a pub lunch.

Enjoy the game, it's all a lot of fun, but keep it fun.

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My belief is that you haven't found the right target people to advertise to. Have you made some market research to try and discover ideal customer persona?

If you started without this step then I suggest you to check those who bought and try to get as many things about their personality, hobbies, job etc.

If your target are millenials you are on a mined field. Many studies show that their behaviour its changed towards clothing. I wont enter into details but you should read about it.

Another problem is the lack of options.

Use big quality photos to show your items even if that means you have to change the page arrangement.

Install live chat that also tracks live the user with the website and see where they drop. Talk with them when they exit and ask questions. see why they dont buy.

There are so many things you could try, its really overwhelming.

Security and what other suggested is a part that people get interested in when they pay. My feeling is that your bounce rate is huge, percent of people who add to cart is small so there are other issues.

Dont abandon though, but get back to the drawing board. you have problems.



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Hi, this is Keith From i agreed creating your own business will be a long game business (takes plenty of times). our most effiective way to advertise is via google shopping. compared to others, this is the most effective and cheapest way for us. around 5 cent per click, we get additonal 300 hit a day. hope it help.

good luck to all with their own business!

keith @

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You are in a very competitive market segment you need to fire your marketing in all directions


Also there is a lot of white space on your front page.