[Free Advertising Beta] Recapture Abandoned Carts / Increase Conversion Rate

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Hi Shopify users,

Does your store have traffic, but low sales? A 2% Conversion Rate is typical, so increasing your conversion rate to 3% means you'll make 50% more sales. 

I've created a system that can increase your conversion rate. It finds people who've looked at a product (but didn't buy), and then shows them ads for that specific product. This isn't a new idea (it's called "Dynamic Product Retargeting"), but most existing solutions are Enterprise-grade, or Facebook-only. In an initial test, it gave a 8x ROI, ie: put a dollar in, get $8 in sales, so I'm confident it can work for any store.

Since it's still very rough (in terms of design/UI), I'm looking for feedback. In exchange, I'm offering 2 weeks of free advertising, ad-design included, no Credit-Card required. 

The only hitch is that this will only help you sell more to your existing traffic, not bring you new traffic—so you site needs to have visitors already.  

Please email me at dylan@adsboomerang.com if you are interested,


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