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I'm in the process of planning a new Shopify store that will sell matcha green tea, and I want my store to have a recipes page to show customers how they can use matcha in beverages and baking. Does anyone have any advice on what would be a simple way to put together 20 plus recipes for my new store? 


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You can use Videos.

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Hey @Lloydy95 ! Hope you had a great weekend.


I've just released a little Shopify app called Recipe Kit that will allow you to super easily add recipes to your Shopify store blog posts. In your scenario here I think it would work great - basically you'd want to create a new Blog called "Recipes" and then for each recipe idea you have, create a blog post there and hop into Recipe Kit and fill out the recipe information!

It spits out a really nice looking, and SEO optimized recipe card that shows up on the blog page. You can even attach your products to the recipe card ingredients so that customers know what products to purchase to make the most of the recipe :)


Here is the link -


Let me know if you've got any questions or if I can help with anything at all!


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