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I had the chance to hear Scott Lake, one of the co founders of Shopify, speak at the Via Tec (Fireside Chat) in Victoria, B.C. this evening.

What a really good guy. It was a hugely interesting and worthwhile meeting – encouraging in just about all aspects.

One person asked a question that I had wanted to raise concerning marketing on Shopify’s platform. Scott’s reply, if I understood it correctly, acknowledged this and his suggestion was to post the question here on this blog as it will certainly be ‘looked at’ by Shopify staff.


OK so here is my question!

The single most powerful tool that I can use in e commerce (or in most catalogue marketing) is to offer ‘Free Shipping’.


But I have a problem in doing this with the current Shopify set up. Please let me explain.


If I go to the ‘discount’ section of the Shopify dashboard then I can very easily set up a promo for Free Shipping (one of three options). Then filter this by Country and $ value. This is all fine and easy to set up.


But what if I, along with many other retailers, have a spread of inventory where size, margin, weight etc means that I cannot afford to offer free shipping to each Collection


For example; I can offer this for the Jewellery collection, for say orders over $100 based in Canada & US. Simple packing and relatively easy shipping. But to offer this Free Shipping for every single Collection (which is what I am currently forced to do) means that I would have to offer this for heavy pottery or glass art. Something that is not cost viable.


So what I need is the ability to filter by Collection! – 1) Free Shipping  2) Canada or US 3) Orders over say $100 and 4) by Collection e.g. Jewellery in my case.


So come on Shopify. I know from this evenings meeting that I am not the only retailer that wants to offer this powerful promotion - Free Shipping, but am held back by the current limitations. Not everyone sells just one size & variant.



Nigel Hayes

Side Street Studio

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Nigel,

That is great to hear that you enjoyed the talk! It is possible to offer free shipping over a set price by simply:

1. Go in to shipping in the Admin.

2. Add a price based shipping and set the price to $0 for orders $50 and over


To answer your other question about collection based Shipping, that is possible but you would have to have two things:

1. Carrier Calculated Shipping (which you can add that to your plan in three ways: 1. upgrade your plan to Unlimited for $179 USD a month 2. upgrade your plan to annual instead of monthly and it will be included on the Basic and Pro plans or 3. Add it to your plan for $20 extra a month :) )

2. An App such as:


- Reid

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Hi Reid

Many thanks for your kind reply. Unfortunately your suggestion will not work for my store. Specifically, if I was to do as you suggest then this free shipping would cover all of my collections - e.g. pottery, wood, glass art, textiles etc. Many of these are large (bulky) and heavy and so not eligible for free shipping. What I wanted to to was offer free shipping (the most powerful e commerce tool) for jewellery for orders of $100 CAD. As you would be aware, shipping in this instance is easy and relatively cost efficient even allowing for tracking snd signature delivery. Not exactly rocket scientist stuff!

I already have Carrier Calculated Shipping (FedEx and Canada Post) but how would this help me? This is such as basic request (and Scott agreed) that I am surprised that it has not been raised before?

Kind regards



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