Frustrated by google shopping remarketing

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Hello all

Im getting really annoyed on how to match the products from Shopify feed for google merchant account.

I have mostly customized products, T-shirt printing, Watches by dial differences, etc. Ad the "COLOR" and "SIZE" variants are big issues for me.

For example, I have watches based on a TV sries and central dial in the watches are different. So, I used varient "MODEL" or "DESIGN" and give it options 1,2,3...

When customers click on each they see how the design looks like.

But google shopping wants a COLOR variant.  I spent time changing the variant name to COLOR, but then instead of seeing numbers 1,2,3,... I see all white boxes. I can not give color variants in there, because our Watches are not different in Color but in the model at the center of the wrist watch dial.

Same goes to our clothing. Colors are the same but the design is different.

I want to use the google retargetting ads, but Feed has problem and does not show up in Google Adwords preview (althought some products are listed and published on Google Merchant account, but many not, and I am afraid that is what preventing the ads to show up).


Any idea or help how to get pass of these varients? Thank you!

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Hi Liubov,

What you may need is a feed platform service. It seems like you're having trouble integrating the attributes that you want your customers to be able to see on your website with the attributes that Google requires in their feed to display in their PLAs. A feed platform like Feedonomics could take all the products that you have and assign them a color, size, age group, gender, etc. attribute that's fit for Google Shopping without you having to reconfigure the backend. This way, your website can be the way it was before, while your Google Shopping feed products can be approved.

I hope that helps!


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Hi Liubov,

As per your post, it looks like problem with shopping feed format. You have to follow feed as per google's requirement. You can twick your feed to match it with google feed guidelines.

You can check all feed configuration issues in google merchant center. It will give me complete details with exact errors.

If you need any help then let me know. I'll be more than happy to help you.



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Hi Liubov,

Andrew from ShoppingFeeder here :)

A feed management solution is definitely what you require. Tools like ours allow you significantly more control over your data and enable you to "map fields" without breaking your Shopify store. 

Let me know if you come right 

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Hi Liubov,

If you have some coding experience and you want full control over your feed, here is how you can generate your own feed using a custom collection template:

If you want to costomize anything, coding will be required, but it should give you the lexibility you want. 



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