Garnering Interest: Would You be Interested in an App Like This?

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Hello store owners!


I'm here today to see if there is a demand for a specific type of marketing app. I've got the skeleton of a coupon affiliate networking website created, and before I go any further I'd like to see if there is a legitimate need for what I envision.


I envision a site similar to, except strictly for SHOPIFY vendors. You would ideally be able to install a plugin for your shopify store, and the plugin would generate coupons on request, and upload your products to the affiliate network with a gated coupon code for each product.


Would this be something of interest to the Shopify community?



Conner Pope


Hi Conner:

Seems to be a really good idea, this way you can create a win-win situation for bothsides. I think that it's a good idea and i'm willing to see it in action!



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