General Digital Marketing Help Please!

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  • Is it to increase sales for my business?
  • Is it to drive traffic to my blog?
  • Is it to sell more products through an e-commerce setup (Dropshipping)?
  • Is it to drive people to my restaurant, cafe or physical shop/store?
  • Is it to make my business discoverable on Google?
  • or am I an artist who wants their work to be discovered more through my social media handles?

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1. check your landing page

2. always comes with new offers

3. use attractive title and description

4. post your ad on releavent group

5. join new communities

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There is no easy way to increase conversion rate, but you can at least try to follow e-commerce best practices for product, cart, category pages.

Here it's a simple and easy-to-follow e-commerce checklist for Shopify stores -
It has more than 100 e-commerce guidelines with a lot of examples, so it's easy to understand what you need to do to fix a problem

Hope it will help


Hello Aneesha, 


Hope you are fine and safe!


As you mentioned that you are using Facebook and Instagram ads alongside you are getting visitors and returning visitors on your site. 


Regarding the sales that you are looking for is not just a game of one day, instead, you need to regularly check the performance of your campaigns and optimize it daily. Yet, also you need to try and test the new stuff as well likewise which type of campaigns are you running and try some more like

  •  video campaign as they have high chances of getting clicked, 
  • catalog sales campaign that directly shows the product and lands the user to your product page instead of like the shopping ad of google, etc.

Also, I would like to let you know that facebooks campaign perform well as you with the sales funnel of,


Awareness > Consideration > Conversions


Elaborately like, first running the campaign for awareness for need to be patient at this, then going ahead taking this audience to the state of Consideration where you need to choose the proper campaign type… and then finally the Conversion.

Pro Tip from all above is the AUDIENCE TARGETING, the selection of audience that has to do in keeping in mind about your type of product w.r.t the users who would be interested in or looking for your type of business. Actively using the audience on the basis interest, behavior and demographics.


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