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Hey everyone! 

I recently launched my store and have poured money into facebook & iG marketing. 

It's not working out for me. I have made a few sales here and there from it but I have spend way more money paying for the ads, than what my conversions are. 

Does anybody know of a marketing managing website that can maybe lead me in the right direction. Or maybe even generate a marketing plan with me?

Thanks guys! 

I need all the help I can get. 

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Hi Tania!

Kerstin here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

Congratulations to launching your new store!! Just a few points that come to mind:

  • Check out our marketing guide called 50 Ways to Make Your First Sale - it is full of tips and marketing ideas and includes tutorials you can follow.
  • Have you worked on your SEO (Serch Enginge Optimization) to drive organic traffic to your store? Feel free to check out my last post on this previous thread.
  • Some of the marketing apps on our App store might also be of interest, for example the loyalty and customer reward apps.
  • I definitely agree on Instagram. Besides instagram ads, you could consider Influencer Marketing. And we just got a new app in our App store called Get Instagram Followers which is very helpful too.
  • Have you considered launching an affiliate programme? That way other people could help promote your store for a small percentage of your turnover. You can learn more about how this works here.
  • Lastly I really need to mention Kit because Kit seems to work very well for a lot of merchants. Kit is a digital marketing expert app - basically a virtual employee, specifically designed to make your life easier. Essentially it's like having your very own personal Guru who talks to you about your plans and goals and how you can deliver them, manages your apps for you and can run your Facebook and Instagram ads to help build traffic and sales to your store. Check out Kit's resume here. Most of all, kit can create dynamic retargeting ads that remind customers about your products so if you do invest in facebook and instagram ads, you will be sure that they are effective. You can find a step-by-step guide here on how to use Kit's retargeting features for facebook.

I hope I've pointed you in the right direction and if you have any questions about any of this, just reply or reach out to our support channels via chat, phone, or email.

Kerstin K.

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Hello, Tania!

I am sorry to hear about your past experience with Facebook. I understand that it can sometimes be hard to have a profitable Facebook ad campaign. 

I am the founder and CEO of Pynely. Which is a social media agency focused primarily on small-mid size eCommerce businesses.

I am more than willing to help you develop a marketing plan for free.

If you're interested feel free to contact me at or DM me via Twitter @jakeyeaton :)

Thank you, 


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Hey Tania, have you tried running promotions with Facebook / IG? I'm the founder of a startup called Gatsby that's rethinking the space. Email me at and maybe we can make something work. If nothing else, happy to offer a free trial for you to test it out.

Brett Bernstein - Founder & Gatsby -