Get more reviews and social buzz (with one year free trial)

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Hi everyone, 
My name is Sina. We've recently revamped our Shopify app (FarOut) to support photo review collection, in addition to referrals on social media. 
Using the photo-review feature, you can build trust and social proof by collecting your customers' glowing reviews and displaying them on product pages. In addition, FarOut lets all your customers refer your products on their social media by creating their own content and mentioning your social media page. It basically turns every happy customer into an influencer. 
Now, the best part is that you actually get it FREE for the first year! Just install the app through the link below. Your one-year trial also covers all FarOut future features, which we keep building towards our goal to be the all-in-one app that meets all your marketing needs. 
However, I'm limiting this offer to the first 20 merchants. So I recommend installing it ASAP and remember you can delete the app anytime you want because there is no commitment or anything! If you decide to keep it after one year, it is just $5!
If you just want to chat for 10 minutes or have any questions, just call or text me at 703-887-9980. Or you can respond to this post, whatever you like. 
I’m excited for you to get more reviews and social media buzz, more customers, and more revenue!
Talk soon!
Sina Dabiri