Google Ad Words - Advertisement Time!!!

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I'm looking to now start advertising my business. I started out with organic traffic and social media. Any tips on Google Adwords to make my money stretch and get a return on my investment. Any tips other than Google ad words would help as well. 

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I would make sure your target audiences is as specific as possible (e.g. "christian t shirts", not just "t shirts"), your ads are clear, and they take people to a page that is rellevant.

You may find display network ads will work for you. They can be images and you can place them on Christian website.

You may want to consider Facebook ads as they can be refined in a better way for what you sell. E.g. you could identify active young Christians.


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" Any tips on Google Adwords to make my money stretch and get a return on my investment. "

Hi Mic

I think question is not trying to make the money stretch but having a better maketing strategy to warrant the cost per click

 From a brief observation I can see if the visitor arrives to the site the experience could be not promising resulting  clicking away and plummeting the ad spend

Q) How much do you know about your target audience also

* Spending, habits
* Demographical Area
* Geographical Area
* Social graphical Area

What is your value proposition and unique point

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Along with Offpage and social media marketing  you can also opt for lead generation , Email marketing , Reputation management as these are latest marketing techniques . You can go through this webpage where you can get  more trendy ideas and techniques .

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That is very simple.

yo should combine facebook and google ads, targeting the right customers.

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It might sound obvious, but don't go with Google AdWords auto-bid feature. Perhaps go with auto-bid for the first few days only, to get started. But you'll note that your Average Bid per keyword is, say, 40 cents, while you could be paying anything between, say, 15 cent - $2 for specific keywords during any 24 hour period.

There is no point in paying $1.10 for a keyword bid at 1pm, when the exact same keyword could go for 20 cent at 3pm. Optimise your strategy over several days, and keep lowering down your max bid per keyword, until you spend JUST LESS than your daily max amount. That is the most efficient you can be.

Remember also to add Negative Keywords. By way of example: if you are selling, as an example, floor tiles, and you have bid for the word "tiles", you do not want to waste $1 when a user types "Roof Tiles" into Google, and then clicks on your add. In this case you would add "Roof" as a Negative Keyword. I am sure you can think of relevant examples for your industry.

To find out what potential negative keywords are hitting your site, and burning up your budget, make sure to link Google Analytics to your GoogleAd account.

That way, you can check in Analytics EXACTLY what a user was searching for / typed into Google, and make sure that, over time, you eliminate out the wasted clicks on your ad.

Hope that helps.






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Hi there :) 

Mark here with the Shopify Support team. 

You may be eligible for a Google Adwords credit by using a code within your Google Adwords account. If eligible, the code would be found at the bottom of your discount section within your Shopify Admin. 

Also, many merchants have seen a good ROI while using the new app called Kit which acts as a marketing employee of sorts. It gathers your feedback on what you want to do with the products in your store and helps create marketing campaigns for you directed at targeted audiences. 


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Be sure you use the correct key word type, not broad, lots of clicks, good for google, but a lot that are not relevant.. Most people list them incorrectly and end up spending to much. For instance if you want to list Christian t-shirts, putting your keyword like this christian+t-shirt with the plus sign will match only if the search has both words not just one of them. [Chistian t-Shirts] with the bracket, is only an exact match. I mostly use the plus. Taking time to manually put in each keyword is worth the effort.

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