Google Ad Words Disapproval notice - Destination Not Working

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Hi Savannah, 

I'm trying to do a Display campaign by putting the URL with the discount but I reject it.
Any suggestions?

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Hi everyone,


we are experiencing the same issue for more than two weeks now. Google is not very helpful.


We have a .com domain and a .de domain.


Most Google Ads were set up for the .de domain. Approx. 90% are declined by Google. There support is saying the destination is not working:


"502 Bad Gateway

The server returned an invalid or incomplete response."


However, we cannot repeat this error. All our pages load just fine.


Also, it is strange that a few ads work even though the same URL gets declined with a different ad. How can that be? And what does that tell about the actual problem?


It must be linked to the domains and redirects I believe but we are not doing any redirects. 


With the .com domain we are encountering a different issue with Google ads: all are declined because of a "unwanted software" warning.


As we are using Shopify, I am surprised about that message. Is there any tool available which would allow us to understand what software/script etc. Google could be meaning? I can only think about the Shopify apps we are using out the special theme we bought.


Any suggestions how to tackle both issues described above?


Thanks in advance for any support on this.

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facing the same problem. Google support says it's the 304 error. Anyone know how to fix it??