Google AdWords Tracking - Invalid gtag

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I have walked through the setup outlined by Shopify and cannot get the gtag to fire on my checkout page. I am testing it with an order confirmation page and I am getting the error "invalid call to gtag - the global snippet is not installed". The snippets are installed on both theme liquid and checkout scripts. 


Now, we had the Shopify Google Shopping channel installed and also Shopify Google Analytics, is it possible this is causing an error? 


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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The Google Shopping app sets up conversion tracking of its own. If you are using that you dont need to setup any conversion tracking.

Its either one of these.


Setting up wrong Conversion tracking is one of the most common problems I have seen people make, there are multiple ways to do it.

I dont know how much in the weeds you are now, but if I start fresh, I just install the Google Shopping App and thats all.


For Google analytics just use the default shopify setup ( where you input your GA id ). No messing up with liquids and scripts.

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Would it be possible to share a link to your website so I can give you proper advice?


This is an accepted solution.

If you're using the Google Shopping channel, your tracking will be setup. I can't tell you the number of ad accounts we've audited as an agency and people have duplicate tracking codes setup due to the channel. Numbers get extremely bloated as store owners thing their ad campaigns are doing great, but really, they're doubling up on reality.


Don't get me started on the lack of education around Shopify's Google Shopping channel's various conversions causing huge confusion. So many store owners attribute the value for add to carts as a purchase! Check your Conversions section in Google Ads to review what's there.

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