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For the last couple weeks, I've been trying to get Google Ads Conversion Tracking up and running, and I just can't seem to get it properly implemented. 


I've tried implementing the tags based on the Shopify documentation. I've also tried the method described in this documentation. Right now I have the tags implemented using the Digital Darts documentation with both the Site Tag and the conversion event all loaded directly into the checkout scripts.


After a few weeks with each install, I'm seeing purchase conversions from my Google Ads in Google Analytics, but I'm not seeing any conversions in the google ads platform. Additionally, the conversion tag is still marked "Unverified" in Google Ads.

Screenshot 2019-02-05 15.09.52.png


Here is the code that's running on the checkout page pulled from View Source. Though I've greyed out the account numbers, they all match.

Screenshot 2019-02-05 08.56.12.png

Here's what my Google Tag Assistant is picking up when i hit an order thank you page. Again all the greyed out account numbers for the AW tags match up.


Screenshot 2019-02-05 08.55.49.png


I guess question #1. Why is the Conversion tag being triggered as a Remarketing Tag in Tag assistant? I that normal? Tag assistant is asking me to verify the Remarketing tag with a Feed ID. But I don't have one as I don't have any dynamic remarketing feeds. This should just be a standard conversion tag correct? 


Question #2. Anyone got any ideas on why, after several weeks, with conversions registering in Google Analytics, my Google Ads conversion isn't working? Is the tag implemented wrong? Funkiness in shopify? 


Pulling my hair out on this one, as I'm sure it's super simple. But would love some help. Thanks in advanced.





Hey mate,


Glad you've used my guide :-). You're going to kick yourself with this problem. The currency field has the wrong character for the apostrophe. It should be 'USD' not USD. Notice the subtle difference. It's invalid javascript.

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Thanks man. After trying everything for a couple weeks. I was prepared for a little oversight like that an incredible simple solution...eyes were going cross looking at that code. Probably why i missed it.