Google Ads Conversion Tracking Help

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@altCookinghub @Josh_Uebergang 

I got it working with this method for one of my shops. After a few hours Google had it verified. Thanks again!


I have set up two conversion tracking: one to track conversions within 7 days and one within 14 days? 

Can that cause any double counting?



However, the same principle does not work for the 2nd shop.

I currently only have one theory: On this shop we have not yet done ANY Google Ads campaigns. We only registered but did not run a campaign yet.

Could that be the problem or does that have no influence?



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That shouldn't be a problem. You should set up conversion tracking before starting campaigns. Normally the status would change from something like "Not checked" to "no conversions recently"  so you know it's working but you need to start campaigns.