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I added to google ads standart remarketing code into the liquid theme html. And at the same time I added "purchase" code into the checkout settings too. I did a test for the conversion but it did not work.

I bought a product on my website but the code was not fired. I clicked my google ads and then bought a product. Normally it should work and the system count my conversion. Additionally, the conversion tag is still marked "Unverified" in Google Ads.

Anyone got any ideas on why my Google Ads conversion isn't working? Is the tag implemented wrong?

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi Emine, 

I've found google tag manager to be crazy complicated. So much so, that I went out of my way to create a turnkey solution to measure conversions across all digital channels- email, facebook ads, google ads, and even organic social- with no code or tags required. You are always welcome to build a solution from scratch, but if you are fed up, it might be worthwhile to check out what we've put together here:

I trust that was valuable. 


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