[Google Ads] HELP! I'm being targeted by Click Fraud (Invalid Clicks)

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I seem to have encountered a bit of a click fraud (invalid click) issue with my Shopify's Google Shopping Ad campaign, and it's racking up my Ad bill.

Their activity seems to be very weird but exaggerated, they don't just click on the Ad then leave. They enter my site through a Google Shopping Ad, then they add the product to their basket, browse the website; page by page, literally through everything, privacy page, terms and conditions, other products, everything in a random order. Then they enter the checkout, create an account, enter shipping details - then leave with an abandoned cart, with zero payment attempts.

This has happened about 27 times today since I've started advertising in other countries.

It made me think maybe my payment gateway is glitching, but I tested a small transaction with Shopify Payments and PayPal etc with no problems.

I checked further into the abandoned carts and discovered they've all got a pattern. All their details are different, even their addresses in different countries; all 27 accounts different apart from 2 common number additions in their email addresses. (for example; janjansenbe.1801@gmail.com; jenjensendk.1801@gmail.com; vasylivanovychua.2004@gmail.com; maxmullerde.1801@gmail.com....and so on...).

It would be nice to find out how to block this nuisance, I'm only just starting up and it's hurting a could-be potentially okay conversion rate and my initial ranking on Google Search; but I'm not gonna make it at this rate!! Google apparently blocks invalid clicks automatically, but they must be the really really obvious ones! (only had 1 detected today on Google Ads)

I've got a few ideas who could possibly do this (1 or 2 competitors), as it's only them benefiting from this.

I've done some searching and both Shopify nor Google won't disclose IP addresses for me to block. Not that this would make any difference; if the bot is clever enough to "appear like a normal customer", it'll be smart enough to use VPN to mask it's IP.

How does a young business survive this?

Any ideas on what I should do guys? Or anyone who's been in a similar situation? 

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This is very interesting, specially for new stores. Hope someone with experience about it replies soon.

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Please note, Google has a policy that blocking users, regardless of there origin is a policy violation. So do not be tempted to try and block users. If one of these users is Google, then you will get suspended.

Google regularly checks your website, to make sure the data you submit matches the data on the website, both the product landing page and checkout.


Please note, I am not saying your concerns are wrong, I am just here to explain the issue with blocking users.


Reference: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/4752265

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That makes sense, but it does not really help understand and fix the issue - which I happen to be facing too !

A lot of random people with email addresses such as XXXX.1801@gmail.com leaving my webshop with an empty cart left behind, no payment attempts.

Any idea why and how to fix this ? Thank you !

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that's a bummer. 

There's no direct way to do this but I will suggest you to stop ads for a while and change the ads platform. 

Move to Instagram, Twitter and other platforms for ads. 

Yes this will be costly but you will be much safer from fraudulent clicks and then again start with adwords after a week or so with subcategories in shopping ads and see what they are searching for and aiming at. Look at your competitors in that range and figure out who might be doing this. 

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Hi Community, something really strange is happening here..

First of all, I am not running any paid ads right now. The E-Mail Adress @KiCadwalader mentioned "maxmullerde.1801@gmail.com" came to my store at 10:38AM, put a product in the cart (a Hoodie 4XL, white color) and left.

Now for the strange part... Right after that, at exactly 10:39AM, I get an Email from the Google Merchant Center (shopping-noreply@google.com) saying, that my account is being warned for "policy violation: checkout incomplete". The Email says:

"Your Merchant Center account violates the following guidelines: Purchase process incomplete

Payment process incomplete:
Content with unnecessarily difficult or frustrating navigation.

Proposed solutions:
Ensure that users can complete the purchase process on your site using the payment methods provided without errors. This includes a purchase confirmation that is displayed after completion.

Examples of violations:" (Here they put a link to the white 4XL Hoodie, that maxmullerde.1801@gmail.com put in the cart 1 minute ago...)

It is absolutely clear that the store visit from this email adress has something to do with me being warned by google. My store and payments are working properly so this is giving me a major headache, since I only have time to resolve this issue until August 9th. After that, Google will suspend my merchant account. I contacted Google on this yesterday, but haven't heard back from them yet.

What is also strange is, that these email adresses all have a country handle in the first name and in their email adresses. For example:
First Name: DE_Max
Last Name: Muller
E-Mail Adress: maxmullerde.1801@gmail.com

Also, the last name Muller basically doesn't exist in Germany, it is spelled Müller or Mueller. So if this was a real person, why does it have the country handle for Germany (DE) in their first name and Email adress and why do they spell their own last name wrong...

I can only guess that the users who visited @KiCadwalader's store, e.g. (vasylivanovychua.2004@gmail.com) went by the following:
First Name: UA_Vasyl (UA is the country handle for Ukraine)
Last Name: Ivanovich

So, undenieably there is a pattern and I hope Google Support can help me resolve this before August 9th...

Anyone ever had this before and knows how to fix it?