Google Adwords or Facebook ADS

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Learning and implementing successful PPC strategie will take much time and money. So which one should I be focusing on FB ads or Adwords?



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Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your post!

This is a post from someone going through their experience with facebook ads if you wanted to have a look!

I also found this article online on Facebook vs. Google that you might like to check out which has this great quote there as well- "AdWords helps you find new customers, while Facebook helps new customers find you"

And this post goes through how a business performed when using both!

I hope that helps!

Anne :)

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The difference between the 2 is this.

Adwords: people are actively looking for you

Facebook: you are aiming to get attention by interrupting them 

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Google and Facebook Ads both are effective according to the need. If you wanna instatnt result then Google ads are so helpful in this regards but costly as well. On the other hand Facebook less costly as compare to Google ads but in this campaigning you promote your brand by facebook ads like ppc, boost post, page likes etc. Page likes also creates great attraction to the online users.

There are many websites providing these kind of services. Likopedia is one of them so popular these days offers to buy real facebook likes with claiming money back guarantee. It helps in top SERP for every business. If anybody having low budget then go for the facebook advertising. 

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My perspective as a beginner with Google AdWords and a little more experience with facebook: Google Ads could work well if you have a niche product strongly associated with a phrase such as "Fun business socks" or "Swedish candy". My store sells a wide range of food products from different local producers around the U.S. The attraction of my site/store is not so much a single product, but discovery of various products that appeal to certain values.

So I am using facebook for narrow targeting of audiences who like things like "Local food" and "Farmer's markets." I see this as a journey that will take a while. Currently I'm paying to get people to like the facebook page and drive them to my site to try to build an email list. It's expensive but I have to start somewhere.

I am also considering doing a contest for a basket of products where people will have to sign up for the newsletter to participate.

I did try Google AdWords but because my site is more about community and discovery, facebook seemed like a better use of my ad dollars.

Thanks to all for the forum posts -- it's helpful to have the perspectives and support.

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I work with someone who has spent roughly 2-3K on Facebook ads in the last year. After looking closely at their Facebook “followers”, “likes”, etc I’m convinced in the vast majority of cases Facebook ads are a complete waste of time and money. Facebook has arranged it so that all their Facebook numbers will look like they are going up (because of fake followers!) but your actual conversions and/or website orders won’t see any significant change. “Likes” don’t actually mean anything unless at some point they turn into orders.

I’ve also seen this same person spend about $55 per week on Google Ads, which has brought in an average of 9 orders per week over the past 6 months. Also, in my experience the content in this Youtube video is 100% accurate.

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I couldn't agree more with the video Mark-RX linked. I've spent a lot on Facebook ads over the past 30 days and I've seen a lot of odd likes and shares that seem completely random. I'm just resuming trying Adwords text ads which I haven't used since I used them years ago for other business ventures. 

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What about sponsored ads on Facebook? I wouldn't care much about likes but I would think that being able to targte your ads based on demographics of geographical areas would be helpful. Any thougts?