Google Merchant Center Suspended -- Untrustworthy Promotions

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Hi there,

Just wondering if you can help me with the misrepresentation suspension, I was struggling to reinstate my account but it remains suspended. can you go over my website and let me know if you have any remarks.

or if you can unsuspend my account, its a paid task.

Thank you.

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My friend,

Just wondering if you can help me with the misrepresentation suspension, I was struggling to reinstate my account but it remains suspended. can you go over my website and let me know if you have any remarks.

or if you can unsuspend my account, its a paid task.


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Can anyone please look my store as it has suspended my merchant enter account

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Ok guys. It's fact something wrong with google. I see normal shops, with normal products but the answer is the same.

Maybe we'll figure out how to reach them collectively? 

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hi, i know this post is dated a long time ago, but i'm wondering when you're done checking out all the steps you listed. how do you get re-approved by google? is this automatic?


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i'm pretty sure its checked by indians who speak little english and who don't give a crap and just gives no's to many. you can write lengthy essay to them and they won't respond cause they are just doing dirty work for google so google doesn't have to hear you guys yapping.

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It's not you or your products..

You have done nothing wrong..

The problem is google has been illegally getting paid by other companies using their advertising platform and basically someone said don't let that person run ads on google or they'll take away some of my customers..

Also google most likely said ok, so how much are you willing to pay?

The companies that's making hundreds of millions of dollars said I'll pay you 90 million to suspend all of my competitions accounts st they can't advertise on google..

And google said ok we have a deal..

The reason I say all of this is because I sat down and read all of your comments and lo and behold google sent me the same message that they sent all of you when you were on live chat with them..

The truth is google has sold americans out for the other countries and google is only doing business with the american companies that makes millions and billions of dollars..

It's called the new world order and people like me and you all are not invited to the party..

We are what you would call the cattle or the slaves..

This is my story, one day I set up a Google ads account and a google ads merchant account and the next day my account was suspended for good..

I haven't even ran any ads or anything from my account..

I set it up the first day and linked my business banking account to it for my payment method and deposited $100 to go along with my free $150 for creating a account..

The next day when I woke up and checked my Shopify store on my home page I saw my google account and merchant account was suspended for misrepresentation of self or product, untrustworthy promotions..

I said to myself that's strange because I haven't even ran any ads at all..

So I contacted google via chat and all they did was send me a link..

So I looked over the link and looked over my store and my polices and said well google clearly has been smoking some fire a$$ crack cocaine and from the Indian people that google only hires I immediately said google sold america out..

The fact that the Chinese store owners can advertise on google without having any problems but Is american store owners cannot advertise lead me to figure out that google has pledge allegiance to china and the new world order..

So I went and studied up on the new world order, agenda 21 and 2030 and a lot of other stuff and I've learned that the goal is to bankrupt america and turn it into a 3rd world country..

Apparently the world leaders have said Americans have lived the high and mighty lifestyle's for long enough and it's time for americans to be poor while the other countries gain wealth to catch up with america..

Upon further research in to it I've found out that it's our own government that is owned by the opec countries and that if opec withdraws their money out of american banks then the stock market will crash..

So it seems our american government is being blackmailed and they have to play by the central bankers rules or else if they don't then they'll just bankrupt america and move everything to china and overseas..

So what we have here ladies and gents of the american county is an old fashioned your wife kicking you to the curb and sleeping with your neighbors..

We have been sold out and our government can't do anything about it but play by the rules and hide it from us or the opec countries will withdraw their money from american banks, stop selling oil the america, the other world leaders would drop america for china, and us americans are going to be pitted against each other for survival of the fittest..

Our best bet was Trump going to war against the other nations that have america in limbo but that would of been a hard pill to swallow because it would of caused the downfall of america more swiftly..

To be honest we are screwed and our time as the world's wealthiest country is over and done with..

What I'm saying is you all's Google's account are not in violation of anything..

The problem is google has bowed her knees to the new world order..

Meaning that us americans are no longer on the priority list..

So screw google..

Don't waste your time..

You won't get your accounts unsuspend because google has no interest in america any longer..

Not just google but the whole alphabet inc..

Actually it's the black pipe but you guys and gals wouldn't have no idea what I'm talking about because you rather watch a movie and be further indoctrinated instead of researching what's easily can be found and figured out if you would do your due diligence and turn off the f ing tv..


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Black pope and not the black pipe I meant..

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Well I totally agree with you. And I have been researching too, and I came
to the same conclusion.

So I closed my store.

Have a lovely day.
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Hi AS11

While I don't agree with wackadoo-wackaday up there, I am in the same position as everyone else, and I've come to the same conclusion as you.

When my current billing month is ended, I'm shutting down the Shopify store. Facejerk already put me in Review Hell for weeks now and G-Merc is also treating me like a baby treats a diaper. Amazin is like driving a truck of TNT down a bumpy road but at least I have SOME products live there. I just can't advertise them, so I'll never get sales and move up the tiers - even if I do slash the prices to $0.01 profit.

If you're frozen out of the 2 main advertising channels, there's no point paying to run a store like Shopify. I just wasted the last 3 months of my life, and I have no income. This is one of the most depressing business experiences I've ever been through.  And there have been any over the years! I always fought and bounced back before, but this one has me beat.

I'm not saying Shopify is complicit - their support staff are 99% great and helpful. But if their policies are contributing to this mess, they have a duty to fix it.

G-Merc has no consistency other than stonewalling with their 'it's policy, I can't tell you' party line. But one guy told me: it's only the Shipping and Contact links on your homepage, Everything else looks fine. Well... 4 reviews and an entire week of work later, everything is NOT fine and I've just lost the will to fight any more.

I actually feel sorry for the Chat Line people in India. They have to deal with us moaning 24/7, and their bosses giving them NO leeway or permission to help us. Ironically, I might have to be doing this job soon, coz this ecommerce dream has been proven to be totally false in my experience.

It seems if you have a huge corporation you can probably employ someone who used to work in the G-company, so they can tell you the workarounds, if they exist. And the rest of us can just go screw, apparently.

I'm taking a day off.