Google Merchant GTIN Print On Demand Products?? HELP

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Hi -

I have print on demand products (dropshipping) so do not have GTIN codes.

I see people saying you need to change: 

"submit an identifier_exists
attribute with a value of FALSE"

I don't know what this means or where you even type this in Shopify or Google Merchant Centre?

Basically, how do I advertise my shopify products on Google Shopping (Google Merchant) without GTIN codes - as I'm using print on demand suppliers like ?


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Hi, there!

Katy here from Shopify. Thanks so much for reaching out, and great questions!

When selling via the Google Shopping sales channel, you will need to specify if your product has a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) or not. GTINs are unique identifiers used internationally to store and locate product information. We have some more info on this here under 'inventory'. 

Certain cases which would not require you to have GTINs would be where the products you are selling are custom items. As you are operating a print-on-demand service, if each of your items are custom made then this seems likely to be case for you! 

In this case, what you will need to do list your products as 'custom items', by checking the box in the Google Shopping Fields modal (from More Actions on the product page). This can be done from your Shopify admin and we have some info on this here to help you out. Once completed, this then sets the feed for this product as: identifierExists to false for you. Doing so then tells Google that this is a custom item, for which you do not have the GTIN. 

Ultimately it is up to Google to review this, however if you encounter a case where it not accepted, you can then request a GTIN exemption from Google (which you can do via the Google Merchant Center) or you can uncheck this as a Custom Product (within your Shopify admin) and provide a valid GTIN or MPN for approval before going through the process again.

I do hope this helps you out. We have some additional information from our own guides here along with some resources from Google Merchant Center support too.   

Feel free to let me know how it goes for you, and happy selling!


Katy | Social Care @ Shopify
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How you set the identifier_exists field to false depends on the solution you're using to push products to Google Merchant center. Are you using the Shopify marketing channel?

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Please remember, drop shipping on Google Shopping is not allowed and can only be done via the Affiliate Program, which is still in closed beta. Continuing to advertise on Google Shopping wile drop shipping is a serious violation and you account will get suspended.


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Hi Katy


Thanks for you advice
We did everything as described however when checking our custom items on f.e.

they still get the 'warning' for missing "This product is missing a global identifier (e.g. isbn, mpn or gtin8). Please see documentation for valid identifiers."

and I can't see any 'identifierExists to false' even though we checked the box "custom product".


Do you have any other ideas?