Google PageSpeed Insights - got mediocre results and wondering how to improve.

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I felt that my pages were loading a bit slowly, especially the images which I have already optimized, so decided to use google PageSpeed to see how the pages are performing. Below are the results I got for a typical product page (the results for almost all pages are similar).




Does anyone have experience making the improvements suggested by google? I'm competent with HTML5 and CSS3 but these changes are a little out of my depth.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Jack,

Nicholas here from Shopify :)

I would be careful with implementing changes based upon these results. While page insights can be a valuable tool, with regard to Shopify, they may not actually be entirely accurate given the context. 

The Shopify platfrom utilises certain resources, such as the Liquid framework, and other things, such as the noted render blocking javascript, to operate. The page insights tool cannot account for the fact that this is an e-commerce site, and uses somewhat odd resources compared to a more "Normal" content based site.

If you are looking to repair these things, it will take significant coding work and development, and with these customizations, you may lose some support you now receive on your theme, as it will then become heavily customize. 

That said, if you'd like help correcting the "Issues", The Shopify Experts can help you for a fee. Click that link to post a job request, and get the best price :)

Hope this helps!

Nicholas Shopify Guru