Google Search Console Issues


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Google search console is a free tool that helps you monitor your website performance and therefore optimizes the visibility by making the website rank higher in the SERPs

Google Search Console Issues are -
1) Google has encountered crawling issue - This issue can be fixed by a tool called URL inspection in Google search console which is useful to debug the page and determine the underlying causes for the same.

2) Sitemap no longer exist - Sometimes pages show 404 error and that needs to be removed which is completely acceptable. Only some 404 errors need to be fixed. Eventually Googleboot would stop fetching for such errors.

3) Redirect Error - When you remove a page from your website, its better to set the 301 redirect as to inform the browser that the page has been moved or redirected to the new page. The extension called "Ayima" is great at fetching if the page has been redirected or not.

4) Pages are blocked by robots.txt - If you have submitted the page and the page has been blocked by the robots.txt then the page won't be indexed. To resolve this error you can test the page by robots.txt tester to confirm the problems.

5) Page is marked with Noindex - If you have submiitted the page and that is marked as Noindex. This issue can be resolved by removing the HTTP header or meta robot tag simultaneously.


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