Google Search Console doesn't list 'Pages' sitemap...on two different stores

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Another here with the exact same issue. Search console is not fetching "sitemap_pages_1.xml" even though it is listed in my "sitemap.xml" . Tried adding manually and it just says "couldn't fetch".


Are there any ways to manually fix this problem? Apps? 


I've been looking at this same issue on a Plus store right now. @d4nnyp @AquaLiv @C_Woodman @Denis_B @IAP 

The sitemap is valid but is not indexed and Google is not taking it. 


As noted before - the only apparent difference is the xmlns:image= which shouldn't be an issue.

Also inspecting raw headers you'll see that on all accepted sitemaps then you get

X-Shopify-Stage: production

but on pages_1.xml you get

X-Shopify-Stage: canary


Which is probably a code name for things which are bust or have been bust.  My guess is that possibly there was an error before here which means Google is now ignoring these.  From what I gather this can happen.


Anyway - If you try to submit /sitemap_pages.xml and not /sitemap_pages_1.xml - you're in business.

I'm guessing if you've got a tonne of pages then you'll be hit by a pagination limit but for my purposes today it's fine.



sidenote: it wouldn't be much work to build a new pages xml sitemap - if you need help give me a shout.

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