Google Search Console verification - 2019

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Hi all,


I recently just created my online store at and I am applying for a Google Search Console account. It appears that most of the Shopify tutorials on Google Search Console make use of the older version of search console and not the new one. One of the new things with regard to verification is the register by domain, so that all pages in the domain automatically fall under one domain property. I bought my own custom domain. The problem is, I can't seem to get it to verify.

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So I go to to my online store -> Domains -> Manage domains -> DNS Settings -> Add custom record -> TXT record and copy paste the record to the txt value and save.

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But when I try to verify it (after a day), nothing still works. Am I doing anything wrong? Or is it only possible to get a property on Search Console via the URL Prefix method (which I have no problem verifying). The reason I am looking at the domain method instead of the URL Prefix method, is that from my understanding, in order to track everything via the URL Prefix method, I would need to create a separate property for ALL the pages I want to track in my website, such as one separate for home page, one separate each for all the product pages, etc. Would like some advise and to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks!



Hi @narrawatches  - All you need to do is switch the Name of your TXT record from "googlesearchconsole" to "@". That should fix it :)


You might not even need to verify it through your DNS records anymore though. I got an email notification from Google on 3/8/19 titled "New Domain properties added to your account." It said that they had created all of my domain properties for me. I had already done DNS verification process for a few of my client's sites, so I was happy to see that Google stepped in and took the lead on the rest.

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Hi @KevinW , I did the necessary edits and it worked. Thanks so much!!!


Happy to help! Beautiful product BTW. Love the natural wood look. 

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Google Search Console has a few other options for verification for Shopify stores without custom urls.  You just enter them as URL prefixes instead of Domains.  Also a great way to drill down into subdomain search analytics.


  • HTML Meta Tag - insert a <meta> tag into your theme.liquid <head>
  • Upload an HTML file to your root directory
  • Use your Google Analytics install (must be using gtag.js tracking code)
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Hi, I wanted to add Google Search Console and I followed the steps by updating TXT record. Google Console verification is successful. But the problem is instead of adding a new TXT record, I edited the existing TXT record. Will this have any negative consequences? How can I add back the original shopify TXT record? Thanks

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Hello, thanks for the info.

@Oxford san
"Upload an HTML file to your root directory"

What do you mean by this? make a new custom HTML file inside of the shopify browser code edit console?  And if so what code should go in here and where should this HTML file be saved?  under sections?

Also our sites sitemap keeps failing.  We aren't even using any apps.  Don't understand why default things are not automatically working in google webmaster.... so frustrating.