Google Shopping Ads Help Needed

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I'm working on implementing Google Shopping Ads. The good news is I got them to run! 


1) bounce rate is 80%! 

2) cost is $0.99 - $3.00 for the last clicks. Way too high. In the best case scenario my profit margin is $30. In worst, $15. I thought I set the budget per click at $0.75 so I don't understand why Google can even charge me more than that.

3) Most of my photos are good. There are handful I could improve on, but none are dark or awful. 

4) Yesterday my products were high up on their respective keyword pages. Now I can't see them...I think that's due to the high bounce rate. 

I appreciate your comments.

(I am not looking for a paid consultant. Please don't contact me through messages for paid work, as I don't have a budget for it.)


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Maybe that popup is annoying people and they leave?

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Hello guys!

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- The spending limit for the day was opened faster

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- Cost savings compared to manually run by personal accounts does not the reliability

- Get support directly from Google when technical problems in the process of advertising, account issues

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I would move your Wordpress site over to Shopify.  It won't necessarily help your ad issue, but it will help your organic traffic.  Also, when I browsed to one of your products, the description was in a scrolling box.  I would say that's not good for user experience.

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Bounce rate -> is generally always going to be higher from paid traffic sources. 80% is not unheard of. How does this compare to your other traffic sources?

Cost -> Google can occasionally bid higher than your max CPC if you have Enhanced CPC switched on. Enhanced CPC will let Google bid more for certain clicks where there is a good chance of getting a conversion. Usually, Enhanced CPC leads to more conversions at a decent overall CPA. But if you want total control over your CPC then switch if ott. Also, bidding 2x your max CPC is not usual. I would hazard a guess that you might be looking at the wrong place to conrol your CPC? A common mistake I see people make: they think they can control shopping bids at the ad group level. You can not. The bid you put in at ad group level in Shopping means pretty much nothing. You need to drill into the ad group and set the bid at the Product Group level. I'd check that your Product Group bid is in fact $0.75 and not $1.50.

Rankings -> Can vary massively by time of day according to competition and many other factors. Don't trust what you see when you search manually. Your results are heavily skewed according to all the data Google has on you. Instead I'd pay attention to your Impression Share column in Adwords, plus the Lost IS (Rank) and Lost IS (Budget) columns. If Impression Share is low (<80%) then you could impression improve it by increasing your bids or budgets. If "Lost IS (Rank)" is high, then increase bids to increase impression share. If "Lost IS (Budget)" is high, then increase budgets to increase impression shares.