Google Shopping App + Custom Labels + Product Groups

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Hello -

I'm using the Google Shopping App to list products in the Merchant Center and then AdWords to create Product Listing Ads. I have an AdWords campaign and an Ad Group within the campaign both including all of my products. I'm using "Product Group" in Ad Words to seperate out all products with a specific text string in the "Custom Label 0" field. 

My original products with the text string sorted out as expected, but I added the string using the Shopify Google Shopping app to additional products and they do not appear in my grouping. 

I'm not able to figure out where the problem lies. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


set to include all products, and I'm using 


To clarify my understanding of your problem Marco, you're using the same method, it's just that the new products are not updating? Have you published the changes into Merchant Center? It will auto-update, but sometimes you want to manually push an update now. You can also check the products in Merchant Center to see what Google is seeing from your feed (or in this case, the API) before trying to make something work in AdWords.

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Same issue: custom labels added to my CSV, which do appear in Shopify, are not being pushed to AdWords through Merchant Center.

When I log into AdWords, I cannot subdivide products using the custom labels. I've tried re-publishing the products, I've tried the different custom label dice.


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