Google Shopping Can't Index Product Images

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I have a truck load of products that I've recenlty added ot my store.  My merchant center account reporst that all of these have been rejected due to google not being able to index the product images.  Anyone else experiencing this? I have traweled throught the forums and have seen posts relating to this issue dating back to 2013.

Google suggests to modify robots.txt to allow its bots to crawl the images.  This, from what I understand, can't be done in shopify.

Any suggestions?



Robots.txt rules are unlikely to be the problem because all my Shopify AdWords clients have never had image indexation issues in merchant center AND you cannot control the robots.txt file within Shopify. However, it's possible your images are hosted elsewhere and that domain has robots.txt rules.

Looking at your product images on Dermience, this doesn't look to be the case. You seem to be using the standard image hosting by Shopify. What is the exact feed errors? Specifity and examples always help.

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