Google Shopping Disapproved Products

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Hi all,

I have been trying to upload some of my products to Google Shopping via the Shopify application and have done so, with Shopify saying that they have been published to Google Merchant Center with no errors. However, in the Merchant Center itself, all of the products from Shopify have been disapproved.

The thing is, I had first created my own feed with the same products as the ones that I uploaded from Shopify, so I was assuming it was a problem with products being duplicated. However, I uploaded a few more products later on that were not in the original feed, and they were also dispproved.

Any solutions?


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HI  Jadon

what have you upload ?

Can you upload 1 product from the store to see if its the feed

Do you own the prducts

Dose the diagnostics show any errors

Can you give us a snap shot of the screen so we can get so more help


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Hi Jadon,

Yes, the first thing is to check the diagnostic errors.  The most common mistakes whien first setting up a feed with Google are...

1) Verify and claim your Url

2)  Set up tax and shipping settings

3) Make sure you have UPC codes on your products (they are now required)

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Hi Jadon,

Agree with the comments here. Log into Google Merchant Center nad check the Diagnostics tab. There you'll discover what errors you're getting & how to fix them.

Most common problems I see:

  • Missing GTIN (UPC) / brand
  • Missing product categories

If you can't work it out, post your error here and i'll have a look. - no-fluff ecommerce marketing advice
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Hey, Jadon!

Jason here from Shopify Support!

All the posts prior offer great insights on the ways to fix the disapproved products. Please keep in mind Google Merchant Center holds the most accurate products' status. Hence, even though on Google Shopping channel the products were uploaded without issues, if Google Merchant Center is showing products being disapproved, then they are disapproved. Along with what's recommended above already, there are a few ways I would suggest you give it a try:

1. As many had mentioned, you have to dig a little deeper on the Diagnostic report that showed up on your Merchant Center. Sometimes after you have a click through the reports, you may find that the issues were resolved already. The report is a great way to figure out what's the cause of the disapproval. I would recommend not relying solely on the "top level" numbers and data.
2. Some products can be requested for re-approval in the interface. Depending on the type of policy violation, this option may show up on some while not on the other. Please keep in mind to use this option cautiously. Once you request approval, if it is manually reviewed and still disapproved, then the decision is most likely final. That being said, this option is probably the fastest way you can get your product reviewed again by Google.
3. There is a page that you can visit to ask specifically about disapproved products. Depending on your account, there may be phone support available for you. An interesting fact to keep in mind, the questions you submit here are going to Adwords support. That being said, because this page collected your information at one spot, so the support may be able to assist you slightly faster.
4. There are certain products will get disapproved automatically due to the use of certain buzzwords in the description, pricing, or some other things. 
5. Be aware of current technical issues, in some situation you will have to update your product IDs. When you get a hold of your Google reps, double check with them if your product falls into this "known technical issues". If your products fall under this category, you will then get to decide if you want to wait for the technical issues to be resolved or simply update your product title, description, or IDs.
6. If your products all have GTIN/UPC codes as required and are not missing product categories, you may want to look into changing some of the words used in the titles and descriptions. It's worthwhile to go through their policy page to check out if your products are following the policy. Remove the words that may trigger the filter and resubmit the product for approval.  

If there’s anything else I can help you out with, please don’t hesitate to reply back and I’d be happy to help out!

All the best,


Jason | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Jadon,

It might be that your issue is related to the actual store and not to the products. Google reviews each store before it approves it's Google Shopping campaign, and there are some requirements your store must fulfill.

You can read more about Google requirements and how to prepare your store for them, in this article.


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