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I'm setting up a feed in the Google Merchant Center for my Google Shopping.

1) In the images field one puts a .url. Where do I find that link in my Shopify store please?

2) Please confirm for me: I got this category from the Google Taxonomy Report: 

Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Charms & Pendants 

It's OK to add to it correct? 

Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Charms & Pendants > Acorn

Thanks, Karen


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Hi Karen, not sure what you are trying to do (looks like you manually want to add the the products). I would encourage you to use Shopify's app instead, it's not perfect, but still better than adding it 1 by 1

And regarding the category just pick one that comes close to the product you are adding.

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Hi Karen, 

Use, Google Shopping App as suggested by @Capital, don't edit categories otherwise Google won't recognize them and will through errors. 

For Bing, you can try our app > Bing Shopping Feed

CEO @ Simprosys InfoMedia, Developers of Bing Shopping Feed and Google Trusted Store Apps for Shopify Stores.

How are you setting up the feed Karen? Sounds like you could be doing it the hard way with a custom spreadsheet.

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