Google Shopping - Stock availability no longer auto updating

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This morning I received a warning from Google Merchant Centre that the stock availability fields in my product feed aren't accurate when compared to the landing pages, we use the Shopify built Google Shopping app to create our feed and manage the ads on Google Adwords.


I've checked the examples they provided in the warning email and confirm that the stock availability fields are inaccurate, many of these products have been sold out for weeks but the shopping feed is telling Google that they've available to buy.


I've checked the product settings to ensure that the inventory is being tracked and that the product isn't set to being available to purchase even when sold out and everything is set correctly - i.e. inventory tracked, stop selling when stock depleted.


In Merchant Centre, I can download a report detailing the affected products and it's pretty much our entire product feed of some 2,000 products so I'm guessing this report is detailing products which haven't had a stock update for some period of time.


I can't find anyone having a similar issue on the community forums and there doesn't seem to be any contact details for support for the app per-se so I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue?


Thanks in advance.



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Contact Shopify support directly for this issue. It seems that the app is not pushing the updates to your account. And most likely there is a technical issue.

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Hey Fumma,

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