Google Shopping (merchant center) + carrier calculated shipping

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I want to use Google Shopping ads, so I need to set up shipping settings in Google Merchant Center.


But I use Printful carrier calculated shipping, so the rates can be different every time and I can't really configure them by price, weight or other parameters in the shipping settings in Google Merchant Center.


Does it mean that Google Shopping doesn't allow products with this kind of custom shipping? Or is there a way to make it work?


Any help will be highly appreciated.


You can just setup and say you  use distance based shipping in Merchant Center and that should get approve, so you an run Google Shopping ads.

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Hey, thanks for the tip.

However, I don't see that option -

How do I set up this distance based shipping?



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You can use any shipping method, however if the courier API is not supported in Google Merchant Center such as FedEx, DHL, UPS etc.. then you need to add the shipping price yourself.

What I guess you can do is contact Printful for support on this. As this would be your only way forward.
Alternatively, if your shipping is weight based and you need a courier API to calculate the shipping prices. Consider using a fedex, dhl, ups etc...
IE: a Google Merchant Center supported courier.
Distance based shipping refers to creating your own set of rules in the shipping settings. However as you are using Shopify, all custom shipping settings will be overwritten by the content api. So this is not an option for you.
The only way forward is to either have Shopify, Google and Printful work together to implement a connection. Or choose a different courier.
Hope this helps.
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