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I only have about 20 hits a day. and barely any conversion. I just paid minionmade to redo my website appearence.. as well as a SEO audit. But they never told me anything as far as what they did to the website or any changes I should do to it. They just charged me and that was it. And so far. I haven't see much improvement. I want to start a Google adwords campaign but I am very scared as I am not sure on how it works and Would love to outsource it. But I need to have conversion, m budget is very low. Can you help?

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Google Adwords does work if set up properly. Conversions depend upon a few factors including how good is the landing page and what is your offer. We can help with Adwords campaign and feel free to contact us.

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It is good to be cautious. Online advertising can be great but can suck up your money!

Just looked at your siteA couple of comments  (though my website is far from perfect) 

Its very busy with a lot of pop ups that took over my laptop screen (fine on my big second screen) but most will look on smaller screens. Email signup, coupon, Contact us, rewards, - and if like my site all these slow you down a bit.

Could I suggest simplifying a bit - remove the online feedback line for now - simplifying a complex site and giving back some screen  realestate

The popup for your email took up the whole vertical of my screen - can I suggest putting it on delay and reducing the size. Also more call to action on the popup - be the first to get great offers, see new products and hear about the latest trends ??? Many also add a signup offer typically $10 which should breake even on on your first transaction I assume

Your top image which is the only one that appears above the fold on a laptop screen. and the call to action - hottest jeans is out of sight.  I'd think more about making the image with less vertical height - white background - to stand out and with the call to action near the top hottest jeans here, sexiest jeans of the season ... 

Also I can't see the real reasonf for people to shop form this site - California Lifestyle, Latino Looks (from the main model on the front page). Just found your about page. Simple with a sassy flare? I'd think of putting some personality in - as you are in a very crowded category. If you are the model in the photos and will continue to be - use that to create the personality its a real point of difference

Your category image have social sharing coming up when I roll over them - very strange

Your font on your images and categories is different from your header and logo - I'd think of trying to use the same.

I'd also think of choosing one great image for your category rather than trying to ram them all in - have a look at - they have a huge range but simple imagery on front.

Product pages look good - bus some inconsistent imagery

Your home button - takes back to the category page not the front landing page

For passive and free SEO - Have you got alt text on your product images and refined your meta text and url names?  Click on an image in your product page to add alt text and look to the bottom of your product page for the rest.

Google Adwords - just try it and learn as you go its a big "area" but you can learn incrementally.

A couple of suggestions

  1. Try google shopping first - it often has the highest Return On Advertising Spend. Create a collection with what you want to advertise, install the free shopify app, and follow the instructions, then set up a simple campaign in  adwords. Find out where to monitor product performance ant take off the ones that don't get click through or conversion.
  2. Others are getting great returns on facebook campaigns - but I have not tried them yet.
  3. Try text ads (not display) when ready but do small budgets and learn as you go - I have done google courses, invested lots, had "experts" ruin my campaigns and invested hundred of hour and there is still much more to learn. So when ready try it (especially if you have some one who will get into the "game" of it and do it bit by bit.  The ultimate measure of success is the ROAS measure for your google campaigns iside your Google Analytics

You may disagree but a couple of thoughts for you





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Great questino! Thanks for writing. 

Wanted to throw in my $0.02 on this issue…

Always ask your digital marketing agency or vendor: 

What is actually providing incremental gains versus what is happening from a revenue number?

The revenue, conversions, ROAS, or CPA numbers in platform don’t always tell the whole story. If your agency is driving what looks like significant revenue, but upon a deeper drill-down, you discover that 90% of search revenue is coming from brand search, this is significantly less incremental than revenue/customer acquisitions driven from non-brand search. 

Customers picked up in brand search are at least aware of your brand, and there’s a good chance, especially if you’re running marketing efforts across other channels, that you’ve already paid elsewhere to acquire them. Non-brand acquisitions, on the other hand, are customers that are at least less aware of your brand and are potential competitor customers that you’ve managed to acquire yourself.

If your agency is presenting you a single set of search performance numbers or a “blended” dataset when you’re running both brand and non-brand search, you’re not getting the full picture. 

Anyway, we blogged about this today if you want some additional questions for vetting a digital marketing agency:

Hope that helps! See ya

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