Google: does anyone have a map, org chart, hierarchy diagram of all Google apps?

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I don't know who I am on Google. I've used Google-y things for ten years or so, before they were Google properties, such as Blogspot and YouTube, gmail, G plus, etc, etc, etc, each with a different ID and password. Tried streamlining them, and yet whoever I am seems to shift AS I'M USING IT. 

A shapeshifter or Schroedlinger's Cat? When I think I'm G+, then Google Local pops up. Diagraming the relationships look like a plate of spagetti. Does anyone have a solid understanding of how the following apps are organized?

Google account, G+, Google Local, Google Local Business Center, Express Search, Google Search, Site Search, Site Manager, Google my Business, Google Apps for Work, Google Domain, Google Sites, Ad Mob, AdWord, AdSense, Ad Manager, Ad Planner, Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Webmaster Central, Google Groups, Google Hangout, Google Blogger, YouTube, YouTube Channel, YouTube Channel Name or User name.

Imagine the first person to see a constellation of stars and draws the first diagram of the solar system. That's what I'm looking for.

gratefully yours

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Hi Cheryll,

Stephen a Shopify Guru here :)

If you have a Gmail account you will be able to use that login for all google applications and services.

If you having trouble accessing your Gmail account I would suggest resetting the password.

Hope that helps, feel free to drop us a line at if you have any other questions. 
Stephen :)