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I have had my store up and running for about a month now.  I check the google listing for it frequently and have been adding in more layers of SEO as I have found tips and had time.  My store is called Stain for Less, and we sell wood restoration products.  One thing I can't seem to figure out is that when I search it in google, if I put spaces between the words, we dont come up until the second page.  If I type it in with no spaces in the words ie. stainforless, we are the first 6 listings on the first page.  Is there a way I can mitigate this and get first page placement even when I use spaces between the words.  

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Without the spaces and the search exacty matches your domain name. Google is assuming your domain is what the searcher wanted.

With the spaces Google assumes people are asking a question. And many websites provide content on the subject. Google will also broaden what matches, like drop stop words (for) or match with synonyms. The top results I see are matches with stain-less!

If you get lucky, at some point Google may decide Stain for Less is your brand name and show you promienently for it. I suspect that will be hard as it contains some very common words. You are doing well if the search is quoted (phrase match).Or if you add something more specific to the search like Plaistow.

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Your domain name is 


The exact match keyword "StainForLess" happens to also be your domain name, so of course, you will rank well for the keyword "StainForLess"


The Keyword "Stain For Less" is different, as, it obviously, is three words, instead of one word. 


To help boost your rankings for Stain For Less. 


Here is how you rank for a keyword term.


1. Choose keyword you want to rank for, in your case "Stain For Less"

2. Create a landing page on your site dedicated to that keyword. The landing page should have the keyword you want to rank for contained in teh URL. For example (a landing page should be optimized for no more than 2 keywords)---in your case, this page has already been created,

3. Create at least 250 words of content on that landing page. This 250 Words of content should be a separate section of paragraph content on the page.

4. Make sure keyword density for your specified keywords is set to 1-3% inside of that content.

5. Get keyword into the meta title, meta description and meta keywords of the landing page


The Google Penguin likes to a websites backlink profile in this format:


30% of your Backlinks should have exact match anchor text (in this example your exact match keyword would be "Stain For Less")


Stain For Less

Stain For Less Today


30% of your backlnks should have partial match anchor text (the words "Stain" and "for" and "Less" appear in the keyword phrase, but not together)


Stain your Deck for Less

Best Deck and Stain Patterns for Less


30% url match (the URL of your website is used as anchor text) example


10% generic


Click here

Check this out



Create backlinks to your website by using a profile similar to above, and you will begin to rank in no time. 


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Hi Jennifer,

Google dose not rank a site to the number 1 spot right away as this could take anywhere up to 6 months for a organic listing to rank near the first page for a keyword

You will need to do a bit of work to have your site going in the correct direction for sales .

Your domain name will rank  first but for the keyword “stain for less this” is very broad and contains over 57 500 000 search results to other pages.

One would suggest to seek some advice from the experts here for SEO or Marking in PPC if you need some help for exposure