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Hi, i hope someone can explain step by step.

So i have an app which is integrated with google customer reviews. Almost a year and i have just 9 reviews. It seems like the email with the survey gets lost in inbox. I even made the order and had to search for this survey. Is there any better/ easier way to get the reviews?

Second,i use yotpo to collect product reviews. But now i dont know how to transfer them into google star reviews to be visible in my ads. Yotpo said they can do this for $8000. Its too much. Do u know any better and cheaper app?
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No need to use any app. just make a short url of your business listing and share it with your customers via text message or WhatsApp while they purchase anything. So it will increase the chances of getting more reviews.


What do you mean it gets lost in the inbox?


I suggest you skip collecting Google Customer Reviews as you need 100 from it to start benefiting from their Seller Ratings system. I recommend the app for product reviews. Far more affordable than Yotpo with great functionality.

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